Observe a Composition Instructor

One of the best ways to continue improving your teaching, to encounter new approaches to a familiar course, and prepare yourself to teach a new course is to observe an experienced instructor. Many Composition Program instructors have graciously invited interested colleagues to visit their classes. Their names and email addresses are listed below. Feel free to contact them directly to arrange a visit, and please consider meeting briefly with the instructor you’re observing before and/or after the class session to debrief about plans and outcomes. If you’d like to observe an instructor whose name isn’t currently listed, please contact Gwen Gorzelsky, Director of Composition, to inquire about arranging a visit.

Erin Bell – ea3118 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Linda Benson – lindab22 (at) aol (dot) com
Heidi Eichbauer – heidieichbauer (at) wayne (dot) edu
Bradley Flis – du1698 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Jon Gillham – am3335 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Gwen Gorzelsky – g.gorzelsky (at) wayne (dot) edu
Jared Grogan – ba2988 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Whitney Hardin – hardinwn (at) gmail (dot) com
Abby Heiniger – ed1911 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Adrienne Jankens – dx1044 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Michael Kroll – ai3243 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Michelle Kustarz – aw7042 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Joel Levise – ab6110 (at) wayne (dot) edu
David MacGregor – david.macgregor (at) wayne (dot) edu
Steve McHugh – mchugh (at) ameritech (dot) com
Sue Muecke – s.muecke (at) wayne (dot) edu
Joyce Munro – joyce.munro (at) wayne (dot) edu
Joe Paszek – paszekjo (at) gmail (dot) com
Richard Reyes – af1145 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Raye Robertson – rayerobertson (at) yahoo (dot) com
Gary Scott – ay3924 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Craig Smith – aa5708 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Brad Stabler – ba9104 (at) wayne (dot) edu
Thomas Trimble – ttrimble (at) wayne (dot) edu
Jen Weaver – profjenweaver (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
Nancy Welter – nancy (dot) welter (at) wayne (dot) edu
Nicole Wilson – n.wilson (at) wayne (at) edu




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