The Composition Committee of the English Department runs a number of subcommittees devoted to specific tasks or objectives of the program. You can find a listing of all active committees below. WSU instructors interested in serving on any of the committees should get in touch with Director Gwen Gorzelsky g (dot) gorzelsky (at) wayne (dot) edu or Jeff Pruchnic at jeffpruchnic (at) wayne (dot) edu.

Assessment Committee

The Composition Program is in the midst of a program-wide assessment that will include all courses and is focusing now on Basic Writing (ENG 1010). Since Fall 2010, the committee has assessed Intermediate Writing, ENG 3010 (Winter 2011 – Winter 2012), and Introductory College Writing, ENG 1020 (Winter 2012 – Winter 2013). In Winter 2014, it will begin work on Technical Communication I: Reports, ENG 3050, and Technical Communication II: Presentations, ENG 3060. Committee members work collaboratively to conduct research on each course, use findings to revise its curriculum, design pilot sections to test and refine the revised curriculum, and develop resources for implementing the revised curriculum across all sections.

  • Current members: TBA

Curriculum Committee

The Composition Program’s Curriculum Committee chooses previously published materials for inclusion in The Wayne Writer, the Program’s custom textbook, and authors custom content for the text. Members also plan the annual August orientation for new Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) and Part-Time Faculty (PTF) instructors and the schedule of teaching workshops for the upcoming academic year. In addition, they help the coordinators of the Program’s online teaching resource sites to create and obtain relevant materials and contribute to a linked teaching blog.

  • Current members: TBA

Mentoring Committee

Committee members work with individual mentees from the incoming class of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) each year throughout the fall and winter terms. They also contribute to teaching workshops, participate often in the pedagogical practica for new GTAs (ENG 6001 and 6004), and take part in teaching circles for Introductory College Writing (ENG 1020).

  • Current Members: TBA

Pilot Committee

Committee members teach a pilot curriculum for the course most recently assessed. In academic year 2013-14, members will teach, evaluate, and revise a pilot curriculum for Basic Writing (ENG 1010). They will work in collaboration with the Assessment Committee to implement assessment findings in the pilot curriculum and to revise the curriculum as appropriate. They’ll also work in collaboration with the Curriculum Committee to develop materials for an ENG 1010 teaching resource site.

  • Current members: TBA


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