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Starting All Over Again

Welcome back to the WSU Teaching Blog! As a new academic year begins, we pledge to bring you a dizzying array of interesting conversation-starters, issues of the day, and tips for making your teaching life at Wayne State a rich and rewarding experience. Look for new posts on Tuesday and Thursdays, and consider subscribing by … Continue reading

Continuing the Conversation on Peer Review

[note: in this blog post Ian Kennedy is a response to the program’s February 2012 workshop on “Designing Effective Revision and Peer Review Workshops.” Full video of that workshop is available here.] Something that came up in the recent workshop on peer revision and review was the issue of letting students leave for the day … Continue reading

Continuing the Conversation on Revision and Peer Review: Self-Assessment Throughout the Writing Process

Nicole Varty and I recently had the opportunity to present ideas about teaching revision and facilitating peer review, and working to prepare the teaching workshop gave me a chance to reflect on my teaching practices and to think about how I might revise my approaches to teaching based on the things I have learned. Like … Continue reading

Mix it up: Playing around with Digital and Face-to-Face Peer Review

I’ve been thinking about peer review lately. Conversations I’ve had with fellow teachers, as well as a workshop I’m preparing for, have got me musing on—not the effectiveness of peer review, per se—but how I can make peer review most effective for most of my students. I’ve also been thinking about the seeming dichotomy between … Continue reading

The Werewolves of Our Better Nature: Rethinking Peer Review

I was putting radiation in my head with my Blackberry the other day, while pondering what to write this blog post about, when it hit me like a tumor: Little Red Riding Hood and those spooky old woods of peer review. I have never been a fan of peer review in beginning composition classes, and … Continue reading

It’s Not a Pyramid Scheme — It’s Conferencing!

What if I told you that there was a way to take one, maybe two days out of your schedule, and reap exponential benefits—not just for yourself, but for ALL of your students as well? Would you think I was nuts? Would you immediately go into “skeptical mode?” Well, dust off your believin’ caps and … Continue reading

First Days

Last semester, I wrote a post about the mid-semester blues in which I described the ebbs and flows that both students and instructors experience over the fifteen weeks of ENG 1020. In that post I suggested some strategies for re-engaging students and re-energizing the classroom. One of the things I suggested was shifting the focus … Continue reading