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My On-again, Off-again Love Affair with Collaborative Writing Projects

Collaborative writing projects are a very great good, and I will continue to assign them. Collaborative writing projects are problematic and I consider cutting them from my course plans every semester. From Kenneth Bruffee to Ira Shor, pedagogical theorists have maintained not only the value of student collaboration, but the necessity of it. Knowledge is … Continue reading

Piloting the New 1020, Part II: Using Group Work to Lighten Instructor Workload

Note: This it the second in a series of blog posts chronicling the piloting of the new ENG 1020 Curriculum. You can find all entries in the series here. As we’ve been in pilot committee meetings, revving up for the Fall 1020 pilot sections, I’ve been thinking carefully about my workload. Between teaching, committee work, … Continue reading

Teacher-Therapy: Creating Supportive Communities of Practice

At the Scaffolding and Sequencing Workshop, I had a quick chat with Joe, during which we both agreed on one of the lesser-known job descriptors of teachers: teacher-as-therapist. We chuckled at how we take responsibility for this role, because we care about our students and want them, ultimately, to succeed in university life at large. … Continue reading